About us

Dear Visitor !

My name is Gabi Tóth. With my family I live in Ráckeve, on the Danube Bank close to the Hungarian capital, Budapest. For many years I have been engaged with advertising graphic design and I have ran my own small business working mostly on exhibitions, decoration, identity and publication design. During this time my partner, Gábor has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of forniture products made of wood in our well-equipped workshop.

This laboratory encouraged me to cooperate with him and allowed us to start manufacturing our own hadcrafted products in 2009. Combining the elements of graphic design and the timber industry we first created welcome boards then, as part of the popular garden culture, bird feeders and garden furnitures. With a growing demand for interior decoration we focused more and more to prepare wall clocks, coat racks, key hangers and family boards.

We are proud that the whole manufacturing process is in our hand from the first scretch of its design to the end product. Besides me and Gábor, the only other hand in the making is Zsófi, a friend of mine - we together look after the evolving design of our products improving also the technical aspects of the execution.

We sell our goods at handicraft fairs, craft and gift trade shows and events mainly in Hungary, and they are available in our webshop too.

Our aim is to offer not only lovely and decorative products, but also useful accesories to our homes.

Artisan Produktum
Handcraft Manufactory